Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finding the Inspiration

To be honest, it comes for me just about everywhere!  Like most crafters and crafty people you may know (or be) -- our minds are constantly whirling with the wheels in motion on what we can do, should do, and WILL do!  

I am a very restless sleeper and find myself exhausted at night, but unable to actually 'sleep' because of all the wonderful ideas floating in my head!  I always find that my best ideas come when I am half asleep lol...

The other time I seem to be hit with tons of ideas is when driving in the car.  Whether that is doing errands or picking up kids from school.  It doesnt seem to matter and the reason is so simple.  You are driving past and seeing everything and anything imaginable.  Drive by Tire Kingdom?  For me, that is inspiration for a clipart set of a girl in a tire swing, or a boy rolling a tire down a grassy hillside.  Driving by a Mattress Giant store?  I think of clipart of kids jumping on the bed....  its a constant thing for me.... Luckily I carry a skinny but THICK notepad in my purse and jot all the ideas down!  There are so many I have in my head, on paper and in the works, so please keep watching.  If this was my only job, boy would I be cranking them out.....but since I do have a FT job already, I do this in my spare time....

What we have coming out (hopefully) for next week?

  • Super Heros -  Gotham City Heros and Villians
Enjoy for now!

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