Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crappy weather means time to sketch!!

Well, the weekends are supposed to always be sunny and lovely so those that work during the week get mini vacation on Saturday and Sunday to relax, enjoy the outdoors, etc... --all week long many people are looking out their office windows at gorgeous sunny days thinking "Why do I have to work today?" then the weekend comes... and its nothing but CLOUDY SKIES or rain rain rain!

Now don't get me wrong, I like a nice rainy day from time to time too...but not on the days when I was looking forward to working in the garden, swimming in the pool, or reading a good book on the hammock.... yeah- that's right- that was the plan for this weekend. Unfortunately, yesterday would have been the day to do all of was ridiculously gorgeous on Saturday...but nope -- laundry, house chores and that sort of stuff put a damper on the day...and I figured "Let me get it all done today so that tomorrow I can do nothing but enjoy it!" --- that all changed last night when the thunderstorms rolled in (hey at least I didn't have to go water any of my plants, nature took care of that for me) ---

So now I am here, trapped indoors with a medium grey sky looming over head. Am I horribly upset? Not really --- lol.. It just means I can sketch out some more adorable creatures and ideas and get them done to show you all very soon!

So enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are!!
Keep smiling!

1 comment:

Kara said...

The weather here is yucky too :( Where is that Spring/Summer weather at already?


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