Monday, May 9, 2011

A Great Weekend!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends, and for the MOM's out there, I hope you enjoyed your Mother's day!

I was fortunate to have my wish of spending the day exactly how I wanted... staying at home (I am a homebody by the way!) and just relaxing and hanging out with my children!  I did get time to sketch up some new designs, and I admit, I have a love for CHIBI style drawing!  I don't necessarily think I am any good at it...but I did give it  a try -- with a kitty that is based on our own kitten, Oliver.  

I also started my Harry Potter Collection set -- yes, I am kinda obsessed with Harry Potter (funny how me and my husband love HP, but my kids -- could really care less!)  We are eagerly awaiting for the Deathly Hallows part II to finally hit theatres!!  This weekend I created my own Harry, Hermione, Luna, Malfoy, Ron, Ginny and Snape.  I will be working on adding to it with Fred and George, Dumbledore and other main characters -- so keep a look out for it!!

Freebie week continues with I LOVE CUPCAKES - grab it while you still can (available until May13)
The cutting file for this item should be available this week and it too will have a 1 week shelf life for a FREE item before its moved to the $1 download section!

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