Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Name the Pug Contest...and WIN him plus 2 others!!

We are having trouble coming up with a name for our [soon to be released]
PUG mini collection....
so here is your chance to help us out!!

How to Enter:
You can enter your submission via Facebook or our blog.
Visit us on either our FACEBOOK or BLOG page.
(if you have not 'liked' us yet on Facebook, you will need to do so first in order to post a comment)
Find the post "NAME THE PUG CONTEST" (that would be this one you are reading LOL) and simply enter in the comment section the name you are submitting!

Contest Details:
Contest will run from June 22 through June 29th.
There is no limit on how many entries you submit.
Winner will be chosen on June 30th and will receive the PUG mini collection
PLUS any 2 other items from our WEBSITE !! 


Moments by Marla said...

As soon as I saw this adorable little pug, the name Stanley came to mind.

Jenn Zeeb said...

ok, my kids think Jello, i know they are weird. I think Crush, or Leo.

Jenée said...

This little guy looks like a Winston to me. In fact, he reminds me of Winston Churchill (a tenacious fellow who wasn't overly good-looking, but quite charismatic!).

ScrapinShana said...

When I saw this cute pug, these names came to mind:






Sharon said...

I think "POOKIE" - he is just the most gorgeous little pug I have ever seen!!! (I'm a big dog fan as I have 3 myself!!!!)

Dawn G. said...

Blush came to mind... take care, dawn g

Sharon said...

I just thought of another suggestion "POPPET"!! Sharon

Kay said...

As I wrote on facebook I think the name "SNUFFLES" because they always seem as though they have a head cold when they breath.

Anonymous said...

I saw him and I thought "Sid" not sure why but he looks like Sid to me ;)

Barb Preziosi said...

Kenzie says she would call her Christie. And when I asked her if that is because Aunt Cathy's dog is Christina, she said yes. So then I asked what else she would call it. Kenzie says Keke (or Kiki) or however you want to spell it. :)

Moments by Marla said...

He could definitely be a Gus!


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