Thursday, June 9, 2011

wahoooo Schools Out for SUMMER and SUPER HERO Peek!

Today is OFFICIALLY our last day of school --- can I get a "wa-hooo" lol
That means lots of great things... 

  • more time to spend with my kids
  • therapy treatment for my autistic son
  • no more 6:30am bus pick ups
  • no more rushing out the door (oldest son runs late!LOL)
  • work on the butterfly garden
  • work on my TAN (after I first work on dieting to get skinnier! LOL)
  • create, create, create and oh, did I say CREATE new items?
Oh thank you June 9, 2011--- I have been waiting for you to get here for 4 months now! LOL...
YEAH --- 
Have a GREAT summer... keep checking in...LOTS of great new items coming very soon!!

Release Dates to be posted soon on these...but I just LOVED them and wanted to share!!
SUPER HEROES -- DC and Marvel Comics!!


Kara said...

Awwwww these are so cute!!!!! Can't wait until they come out! :)

I'm glad school's out too!....shuu it's been a long school year!

Have a great week! ;)

Barb Preziosi said...

I am expecting that my fav will be out around my birthday in July, correct? LOL

Digi My World said...

Yes SPIDERMAN is in the works...SPIDEY is is GREEN GOBLIN and DOC OCK.... THEY just need to get shaded --- I just did VENOM and working on (ick) Mary jane...Not liking her yet! LOL...BUT I will get them all to you as soon as they are done!!


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