Thursday, August 18, 2011

yeah, we got 50 ---so here is a Freebie (LIMITED TIME)

Yeah, we finally reached 50 followers!! Can I get a  "whoop whoop"? lol
In appreciation for your following us, and helping to make the blog grow, we are offering for a LIMITED time, the following free item to FOLLOWERS only!

This is our latest TWEEN Scene Girl, "Autumn" -- she is already ready for school... standing in the hallway outside her locker chatting it up with her friends!  

The clipart/digital stamp will ONLY be given if you are a follower of the blog, so in order to claim it, please make sure you do the following!
Email Annie at Sales @  (REMOVE the spaces in the email address WHEN YOU copy &  paste) with the subject line of 50 Followers Freebie. Include in the message your BLOG Follower name... you HAVE to be on my follower list in order to get this for free!!

The freebie is ONLY available for the next 5 days  (yes, all good thing have to come to an end! lol ---but keep spreading the word and more things like this will happen soon enough!!)

This item will be available for sale on our website starting Sept 2.... so you get it FREE and you get it EARLY.... 

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