Friday, January 27, 2012

So many New Releases -- Birthday Bears.. the CUTEST chibi Birthday Kids --Oh My!!

Man it has been a HECTIC week for us! In between I was able to get lots done though... don't know how that happens...cause when I have spare time.. less seems to get done.. why is that?

Well... Feb 1st is my mom's birthday and so its goes without saying that our Feb 1 challenge is a Birthday Wish for her... I wanted to make some new releases to go with our upcoming challenge...and so...the Birthday Party Bears were created.

aren't they cute?  Well if I were being honest.. I would tell you that they started off as bunnies...but then I figured I should save those for upcoming Easter themes...and so we chopped off the ears and made them bears instead LOL...   I still think they are freakin adorable!!

Then.. I just got bit by the creative bug and made more girls based off our JANE chibi.  I have a SLEW of chibi girls and boys for you to meet over the next few weeks...but here are the first of the series...
Dolly, Julie, Megan, Stacey and Tiffany.... all SUPER CHIBI and ready to party!  Love the color themes in each pack as well!!  Clipart and Digital stamps are available....

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