Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finding the Inspiration

To be honest, it comes for me just about everywhere!  Like most crafters and crafty people you may know (or be) -- our minds are constantly whirling with the wheels in motion on what we can do, should do, and WILL do!  

I am a very restless sleeper and find myself exhausted at night, but unable to actually 'sleep' because of all the wonderful ideas floating in my head!  I always find that my best ideas come when I am half asleep lol...

The other time I seem to be hit with tons of ideas is when driving in the car.  Whether that is doing errands or picking up kids from school.  It doesnt seem to matter and the reason is so simple.  You are driving past and seeing everything and anything imaginable.  Drive by Tire Kingdom?  For me, that is inspiration for a clipart set of a girl in a tire swing, or a boy rolling a tire down a grassy hillside.  Driving by a Mattress Giant store?  I think of clipart of kids jumping on the bed....  its a constant thing for me.... Luckily I carry a skinny but THICK notepad in my purse and jot all the ideas down!  There are so many I have in my head, on paper and in the works, so please keep watching.  If this was my only job, boy would I be cranking them out.....but since I do have a FT job already, I do this in my spare time....

What we have coming out (hopefully) for next week?

  • Super Heros -  Gotham City Heros and Villians
Enjoy for now!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Free This Week!! Life is a Bowl of Cherries

For one week only, our simple single "Life is a Bowl of Cherries" will be available!  It is limited as a freebie because it is soon to be converted to a SVG cutting file for scrappers!

It is also available as a FREE digital Stamp / Line art image.....

So stop on by today and scoop them up!!

3 new sets added for Friday April 29th!

 Three new Clipart sets have been added to the site for today!  We also have the same themed sets available as lineart / digital stamps!  The Egypt set is truly one of my favorites this go around!  It has a little bit of everything in it!  

The Karate Kids set is adorable!  It has 4 little boys showing off their mad skills!  We included the karate belts in all the basic color levels, along with some numbchucks and a dagger!

Finally our Sea Life set has several different sea creatures.  From a whale to  a lobster, you gotta get this set!  The 2 turtles have the sweetest faces!!

Remeber, everything is currently 50% off until Next Friday.... so grab them while they are on sale!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grand Opening Special

Receive 50% off your order total of anything over $1.00  (YOU cant miss out on this special!)

Make sure to join our mailing list as well, as ONLY subscribers will get special sales and announcements that will NOT always be offered on the site!!!

Dont delay...stock up today!!

What we have in the works!

we currently have some great new additions coming out! My son is obsessed with Egypt and Pharaohs, so this set is dedicated to him!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Digital Stamps to try out FREE

I love doing Digital Stamps as much as any other craft!! So try these adorable ones out for free...and let me know what you think! I would have had them sooner, so you could make some cute SPRING items...but Spring is not over yet...and hey, ladybugs and butterflies are all around summer too!!

Free Clipart - Tea Time set, Lady Bug and Butterfly

Got some great FREEBIES in the clipart area of the site... simply click the link to go to the page and download them all for free!!

These are all high quality transparent PNG and non transparent JPG files. Simply resize them to use in any craft related project you have.

Perfect for card making, scrapbook layouts, printable goods, etc. Send us a link to your finished photo item so we can 'showcase' your talent!

And we're off.... FINALLY

So I finally got the website up and running... stop by and check it out.. we have some adorable clip art and digital stamps.... we even have some freebies listed get them while you can. Will post links to them in a few!!


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