Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oliver Bottlecap Art

Just something I threw together real quick to show different ways to use the clipart and digital stamps from
This is our Oliver clipart mini set... and Deena from Ewe N Me Printables offers the printable pdf sheets to make these!  You get them ready to go-- sized PERFECTLY and tons to a sheet..all you do is print, punch and glue!!
I used everyday type bottle caps that I flattened and colored...then added my image to the inner circle and adhered it (make sure its good and adhered!)...then i used the every so easy 1" circle epoxy stickers.... others use the crystal laquer way ---but i wanted to try out the stickers to see if they held up as well.  For a full tutorial on creating bottle cap art... check out this post from Deena with step by step directions!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What A Pear - scrapbook layout

So I took the WHAT A PEAR clipart to make into a paper piecing for a scrapbook layout of my sister and her grandbaby.... You can grab the free clipart for ONE WEEK only a the website
I ran out of time and didnt get to do the on the second image, I simply digitally put it in here so you can get an idea!

What a PEAR -- Free Friday digital stamp and clip art

Hi everyone!  Another week, another freebie!  This is from our new mini line called "mini sentiments" --- these are all Kawaii style images -- I just love Kawaii! (more to come with each week...we have several to share with you!!)
FREE ONE WEEK ONLY - ends JUNE 3, 2011 then moves to the $1 section 
(50 cents an image!)
Design Team Sign Ups!
I am looking to get a design team started for Digi My World!  To apply, simply use any of our designs (freebies or collections) and email us or post to this blog a sample project you made using our clipart, digital stamps or paper piecing patterns.  Your imagination is your only limit-- you can submit cards, scrapbook layouts, jewlery, etc... anything you can think of!  Spaces will be limited, so submit your samples as soon as you can! Details to follow...

Grab the ZIPPED Freebie containg BOTH clip art and digital stamps HERE

Monday, May 23, 2011

Finished Bookmark Project using Owl-way be There Clipart!

Thanks to Deena from Ewe-N-Me Printables for whipping up some adorable bookmarks using our Owl-Ways be There Clipart .

Read her complete blog post HERE and make sure to check out her website for some really awesome printable items.  She has such cute and inspirational stuff!!

Do you have a finished item you completed using some of our clipart or digital stamp products? if so, send me an email or a link to your page so we can showcase you too!!

Would you like to earn some FREE digital stamps? Contact me to see about you getting on our design team, where we will provide you with digital stamps and you provide us with photos of the awesome items you created to share inspiration with others!   ( ---

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Subscribers Secret Freebie - Sorry you missed it!

Did you miss it? If you did, that is because you haven't subscribed to our newsletter! It may not be EVERY WEEK we offer a little sum'thin sum'thin to our mailing list subscribers...but we do strive to give a few perks here and there....

Sorry you missed out on the adorable Summer Ice Cream Kawaii style clip art and digital stamp set... don't will be available for purchase next week in the download singles section!

It PAYS to be a subscriber... you just never know what you may get!!

JOIN TODAY  to make sure you dont miss any more good clean wholesome fun!

What I have been working on....

Ok.. I am Harry Potter Fan.. lol... I admit it -- hubby is too...funny that our tweenagers are NOT...
So.. I cant wait for the last movie to come out...we watch Harry Potter marathons at our house ALL the I just got to making them one night...

Not a complete set yet...they may come in installments...but I did manage to get done the following

  • Harry 
  • Ron
  • Ginny
  • Hermione
  • Draco
  • Snape
  • Luna

Thank YOU for joining! 50% off Memorial Day Sale too

We got a recent SURGE of subscribers to our newsletter the last 2 days ... traffic from the blog feeds no doubt!! So to WELCOME you all and to show our support for Memorial day, we are having a 50% off sale from now until May 31 -- so come on by and stock pile the savings!!

UR "Bee-utiful" to me, FREE digital Stamp and Clipart!

We have just released a new freebie...good for ONE week get it while you can, before May 20th!
I think I posted it here correctly, BUT if this is not the FULL size, you can grab it for download in a zipped file with the JPG and PNG on the site
Grab it from the Website HERE

*** Sorry Freebie has now expired --but you can grab it for $1 in the singles sections!!

We also have it in CLIPART form as well if you are interested!!

and you can grab that zipped file for ONE WEEK at

Please make sure to FOLLOW our BLOG (and FB).. as soon as we get more people we would LOVE to do challenges and blog hops... so Please join in and if you use our images in a item, post up a pic --- I would love to see it and what you created!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Goth Girl Rag Dolls

These will be available for purchase on the site on Friday, May 20th--- I just love their look!

Both Clip art and Digital Stamp versions will be available to you!

We are also designing a whole bunch of adorable cat and dog clip art and stamps for something we have going on for September yes, I am in animal mode!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Free SVG cutting file for cricut -- and other machines!

Ok so took that kitty clipart and converted it to see how that worked as well... JUST FREAKING FABULOUS lol...soo here is the link to snatch the free SVG cutting file... it comes in svg, pdf (for hand cutting) and GSD for the wishblade... I dont have the means to convert to all the other formats yet...but I will figure it out someday! loL

Click here to get the item!

Free test file of cute Kitty -- FREE download digital stamp and clipart

Ok -- so I was trying out a different graphic program I had to see if doing the images would be easier and faster to run through. Its a learning curve, but I found it relatively simple -- and I am sure I will get the hang of it the more I use and experiment....sooo in the meantime, here is my test file -- its a high resolution 300 dpi JPG and PNG image in clipart and line art.

You can download it for free at our site -- by clicking here

Crappy weather means time to sketch!!

Well, the weekends are supposed to always be sunny and lovely so those that work during the week get mini vacation on Saturday and Sunday to relax, enjoy the outdoors, etc... --all week long many people are looking out their office windows at gorgeous sunny days thinking "Why do I have to work today?" then the weekend comes... and its nothing but CLOUDY SKIES or rain rain rain!

Now don't get me wrong, I like a nice rainy day from time to time too...but not on the days when I was looking forward to working in the garden, swimming in the pool, or reading a good book on the hammock.... yeah- that's right- that was the plan for this weekend. Unfortunately, yesterday would have been the day to do all of was ridiculously gorgeous on Saturday...but nope -- laundry, house chores and that sort of stuff put a damper on the day...and I figured "Let me get it all done today so that tomorrow I can do nothing but enjoy it!" --- that all changed last night when the thunderstorms rolled in (hey at least I didn't have to go water any of my plants, nature took care of that for me) ---

So now I am here, trapped indoors with a medium grey sky looming over head. Am I horribly upset? Not really --- lol.. It just means I can sketch out some more adorable creatures and ideas and get them done to show you all very soon!

So enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are!!
Keep smiling!

Bambi - the Tuxedo Kitty

So here is the tuxedo kitty I told my sister I would make for her of her beloved Bambi.  Growing up, we each had a tuxedo kitty, Bambi and Felix.  Both of our beloved kitties have long since passed, but they were the first we have had as pets, so they hold very special spots in our hearts.  So here you go sis... BAMBI just for you!!  Enjoy!  

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A day Early -- Friday's Releases added TODAY!

Well, I had some extra time so figured I would add them on today instead of waiting for tomorrow!
We have added 3 new MINI clipart Collections,  3 new clipart SINGLES and then the matching digital stamps as well!  
If you are a subscriber to the newsletter... you know all about the BONUS freebie you were offered too. I hope you like it!
Adorable Chihuahua Clipart!!  I will be making TONS of different dog breed clipart very soon!

We also have a GREAT mini set for your SUMMER travels
It was inspired by my PUNCH BUGGY YELLOW car! LOL
Available in CLIPART only at this time

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Newsletter Subscribers!!!

Attention:  Newsletter Subscribers will be getting a FREEBIE that will NOT be offered on the website AT ALL!!  So if you haven't already joined our mailing list, you don't want to miss out... There are benefits that our subscribers will have that others do not!! What are you waiting for? its FREE to join...


Monday, May 9, 2011

My Chibi Cat---- OLIVER

Ok, this is my take on my son's kitten, Oliver.  He is so cute in person, I think this Chibi rendition of him is cute too!  
I am working on making a mini collection around him... ENJOY the preview!!

A Great Weekend!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends, and for the MOM's out there, I hope you enjoyed your Mother's day!

I was fortunate to have my wish of spending the day exactly how I wanted... staying at home (I am a homebody by the way!) and just relaxing and hanging out with my children!  I did get time to sketch up some new designs, and I admit, I have a love for CHIBI style drawing!  I don't necessarily think I am any good at it...but I did give it  a try -- with a kitty that is based on our own kitten, Oliver.  

I also started my Harry Potter Collection set -- yes, I am kinda obsessed with Harry Potter (funny how me and my husband love HP, but my kids -- could really care less!)  We are eagerly awaiting for the Deathly Hallows part II to finally hit theatres!!  This weekend I created my own Harry, Hermione, Luna, Malfoy, Ron, Ginny and Snape.  I will be working on adding to it with Fred and George, Dumbledore and other main characters -- so keep a look out for it!!

Freebie week continues with I LOVE CUPCAKES - grab it while you still can (available until May13)
The cutting file for this item should be available this week and it too will have a 1 week shelf life for a FREE item before its moved to the $1 download section!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Final Day of Sale!

Don't miss out- Today is the final day of our Grand Opening Sale!  

Many thanks to all that have placed orders and are using our clipart for wonderful creations!

We have TONS of stuff in the works... we have already completed the sets for next weeks release (pics to come soon!) -- so this week we will be working on MORE MORE MORE!

Suggestions, comments and feedback always welcomed....

Made something great with one of our items? Send us a photo so we can show it off!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Supporting Our Troops - Military Clipart

In Light of everything going on this week with our ARMED FORCES...and with "ARMED FORCES" & "MEMORIAL DAY" coming later this month (May 21 and 30 respectively) -- here is just a little way that DIGI MY WORLD would like to show my appreciation for all the wonderful soldiers!

Aren't they just the cutest? So gear up, and make a THANK YOU card using one of our images and send it to a soldier you know and love... OR heck, join a support website and simply send a card to a soldier just to say THANKS!! They REALLY love getting that sort of thing!!

Sneek Peek for this Friday!

So for this Friday (May 6th) we will be offering our GOTHAM sets...the Heroes or the Villians -- we will eventually have a second set of Villians to this set as well with Mr Freeze, Two Face, etc... they are on the list to do! 
The Gotham Heroes set includes Batgirl, Batman, Robin, the Batmobile, the Batman Symbol, the Robin Symbol and the 2 'comic' bubbles of POW! and ZAP!
 The Gotham Villians Pack includes The Riddler, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Joker, the Joker's 'bang' gun, and 2 'comic bubbles', Pow! and Zap!
The clipart is all 300 DPI and will be in transparent PNG and non transparent JPG format.  Simply resize for your needs...these would make GREAT scrapbook pages for your little ones that love Batman, play dress up or have a Halloween as a Gotham character!  Also makes wonderful Birthday Invites!

Get them FRIDAY MAY 6th at Digi My World!  (Digital stamp set will also be available!)


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